Hybridyne Health is a company developing a novel suite of imaging technologies to allow Urologists and Radiation-Oncologists to better see, measure, & target Prostate Cancer

For newly-diagnosed low-medium risk Prostate Cancer patients, it is shocking to discover that 21st Century imaging and targeting techniques are surprisingly inadequate:

  • 12-core Standardized Biopsy -Painful, stressful, invasive, and often misses the disease
  • Ultrasound -Can see larger lesions, but may miss the key "evil" smaller ones affecting PSA change
  • MRI/PET/CT -Super-expensive, detector far from target organ, long imaging-times, long wait-times, still in "development stage"

The Consequences? Often whole prostate removal, "just to be sure," and myriad deleterious side-effects often including impotence and/or incontinence

The Solution -Hybridyne's unique Imaging technologies with superior targeting, leading to greater accuracy, specificity, and resolution of the disease