Hybridyne Imaging Technologies Inc. Expands Advisory Board with Appointment of Paul Chipperton.

Having recently expanded Hybridyne’s clinical advisory team with the appointment of notable Canadian Urologist Dr Neil Fleshner MD, we can also now announce an expansion of the commercial advisory team, in the shape of industry veteran Paul Chipperton.

Paul will spend the next few months scoping our strategy to develop both optimal product configurations, and identification and validation of vanguard launch markets for the Prostate Cancer business. “I’m intrigued by the potential of the technology to impact at least two major points of the clinical diagnosis and intervention value chain, and aim to help Terry define the company’s commercial strategy to achieve that outcome.”

Paul comes with a proven track-record of success in both Medical Devices and Prostate Cancer, most notably as 2008 co-founder and CEO of Profound Medical Inc., an MR-guided prostate ablation technology company that went public on the TSX Venture exchange in 2015. He also annually lectures MBA courses at Queens School of Business on Strategic Innovation, Venture Finance, and Marketing.